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Sisters in life and partners in business, passion for travels and knowledge of the territory: these are the elements which brought to life Merybel.
We love making people’s travel dreams come true, that’s why we aim to realize our own dream: to create the “Perfect Travel”.

The “Perfect Travel” is personal and different for everyone. Thanks to our competence and to an accurate analysis of traveler demands, we propose customized itineraries, a sort of event designed to suit traveler needs, tastes and budget.
The deep knowledge of each destination (selected and tested) the attentive selection of locations and partners as well as the attention to every single detail are the main ingredients of Merybel’s success.

A particular consideration is given to elderly persons, disabled and people with specific needs: a kind of travelers often forced to renounce to their ideal trip because of the barriers and difficulties, which unfortunately still exist on our territory. A recent family experience has deeply sensitized us towards this problem, so that we decided to offer special services & assistance to those “special” customers.

We proudly underline our love for animals. Customers pets are welcome. Ariel, our five years old golden retriever, is always with us sharing our passions & tasting finest food.


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