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Di seguito alcune proposte Merybel per il tuo viaggio.

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A jewel set in the heart of ancient Rome, in a building of immense historical and artistic value; a luxury hotel that can give…

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A former fish hatchery turned luxury hotel, promises your own slice of paradise on Puglia’s shores…

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The Hotel is ideal for an intense experience of Venice with its historical and artistic sights: it is in the heart of the ancient republic…

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Discovering Old Villages

Maybe not everyone knows that Italy is a country that should be discovered gradually. Our territory is not only offering big cities as tourist destinations, but also real old villages plenty of history. Recently, we visited one of them closed to us, and we are spellbound by its beauty! Castellaro Lagusello was created in the […]

Merybel Luxury Travel “With a passion for Italy”

Boom di richieste dall’estero di dimore storiche e location di prestigio per le vacanze in Italia. Negli ultimi cinque anni il business dei soggiorni di lusso ha raggiunto i 22 milioni di euro, con canoni d’affitto che vanno da 7mila euro per una settimana a 300 mila euro al mese…

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