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One hundred per cent Italian from North to South

From North to South : no matter which part of the boot you choose, you will find fantastic food, great scenarios, fine wines and a healthy dose of la Dolce Vita.

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In the sunny heart of the Dolomites, on a lake shore, downtown or among the vineyard rows, we selected a wide range of locations & resorts …


Dipped into the hot spring waters, in the relaxing silence of the green Tuscany hills or walking among the streets of ancient Rome we offer the most beautiful Italian villas rich of history and culture for an unforgettable luxury experience.


Tasting the real Italian pizza, diving & snorkelling into the pure crystal Mediterranean Sea, basking in the sun lying down on the white sand of most beautiful beaches of the Italian coasts and islands, you will stay in amazing locations with spectacular scenic views.
Finest seafood, mild weather & great hospitality: the right cocktail for a 100% Italian journey.

We are happy to answer any questions.

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