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A sensory experience in the territory of taste

4 people ingredients:

  • 350 gr di Tagliatelle (home-made)
  • 400 gr di Friarelli (green sweet peppers)
  • 300 gr di pomodorini (small tomatoes)
  • 4 filetti di acciuga (anchovy filets)
  • Aglio (garlic)
  • Maggiorana (Majoram)
  • Pinoli Uvetta (pine nuts & raisin)
  • Sale pepe qb (salt, pepper)

Not easy to follow a recipe, to weight-out with mastery, roll-out the pastry, find the right genuine ingredients …and finally make a tasty, well-served dish.

Like to learn how to do it?
The very best cooking classes allover Italy will reveal you the main secrets for the real Italian art of cooking. Private chefs will show you all the peculiarities of herbs and spices, scents and aromas, as well as the precious matching of wines to different foods.

Get ready and become Chef for one day… You will love it forever.

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