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A sensory experience in the territory of taste

A tour of the winery is a unique experience showing every stage of production, artisanal in care and refined in technology. Silence, moisture, darkness and natural temperatures are the best allied for the wines’ fermentation in bottles, from its maturation in barrels and its refinement, the final step of a hard work started in the vineyard.

The Italian territory offers an important number of refined vineries : In the Langhe (Piemonte region) visitors find wineries producing Barolo , Barbera, Dolcetto kind of wines, while in the Franciacorta area (Lombardy) the famous “Bollicine” of Franciacorta is a respectable French Champagne competitor.

Tuscany and its green gentle hills of Chianti, Brunello, Morellino di Scansano, and the sunny South, where the late harvesting of grape gives life to a golden and fortified wine called passito.

And after the wine tasting, visitor can easily buy his favorite wine directly from the winemaker.

Wine cellars visit is a unique experience that comes from the vineyard and turns into a glass full of emotions…

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