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Indulge yourself a slice of heaven

Wellness oasis to regenerate body and soul in the best Luxury Spa of Italy. Inside Hotels or in exclusive Resorts, Spa are a heaven where to leave the stress behind, helping us to find our well-being. Both at the seaside or at the mountains, among the green hills of Tuscany or in an urban landscape, Spa help to improve physical condition in a pleasant manner and regain inner peace and balance in a totally relaxing atmosphere

Thermal SPA

Merybel offers wonderful accommodations Hot Springs SPA Resorts which propose various health treatments, also known as balneotherapies…

Urban SPA

Let us take care of the maintenance of your psychophysical well-being. Sometimes even during vacation we can need to find a relaxing…

Aesthetic Medicine

Many are the treatments that help improving cosmetic appearance through the treatment of conditions including (but not limited to) scars…

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