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Northern Italy has a diverse geography: dramatic mountain landscapes in the Dolomites and the Alps, wide crystalline lakes, finest vineyards, spectacular coastlines, suggestive historical cities and cultural sites.

The spectacular sceneries of the Dolomites are the best in Europe. For their extraordinary fascination, on June 26, 2009, they have been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. 

The lakes of northern Italy are a magical place to visit and they offer incredible landscapes. Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore are the most popular ones, while Lake Iseo, surrounded by lush green mountains, is just a hidden jem.

Milan, the refined cosmopolitan city and its gothic Duomo; Turin’s cityscape set against the dramatic outline of the Alps; Venice and its Venetian Gothic architecture and narrow callettes and canals; Verona and its spectacular Arena. 

There are just a few of the beautiful and vibrant cities of the North, which are always a premier destination for the most demanding travellers. 

In the heart of these impressive panoramas, we select the best luxury accommodations and services, to offer the most memorable experience.


Central Italy regions have played a significant role in world history, as the centres of the Etruscan and Roman civilizations and of the Vatican Holy See. 

Tuscany, that we all know for its vineyards covered hills, olive trees and stunning countryside; Umbria, a mountainous region of winding roads, black truffles, and some famous walled cities such as Assisi, Perugia, Spoleto and Gubbio; Marche, on the Adriatic sea coast, featuring wild beaches and ancient towns perched on hilltops. And Lazio, of course, with Vatican City, Rome and many fascinating cities, lakes, beautiful sceneries.

History, art, food, music, architecture, culture, sacred sites are all around. Rome and Florence, the the city of Dante, Michelangelo, Giotto and many other figures of the Italian Gothic and Renaissance, are the two most important towns in terms of tourism and history.

However, there is also a myriad of pleasant smaller towns and gorgeous countryside, country estates and gardens, Etruscan remains, hot springs (terme in Italian), pleasant mountains, and two coasts.

Here we offer the most beautiful Italian villas and hotels, rich of history and culture for a remarkable sojourn.


Southern Italy offers gorgeous panoramas, dramatic coastlines, picture perfect beaches, charming coastal islands and multiple historic cities and towns. 

Possibly the best known region is Campania with Naples and the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, along with Puglia and Sicily with their bautiful cities Lecce and Palermo. 

The unique Matera, in Basilicata, is one of the 2019 European Capitals of Culture, while its ancient town Sassi was awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 1993.

Southern Italy is home to no less than 13 Unesco World Heritage cultural sites. It is home to ancient ruins, healthy and flavorful cuisine, stunning landscapes and warm sunshine. Longer lunches, slower rhythm. Here life is appreciated in a very unique way.

The food of the South is the soul of Italy; it is taken very seriously and it counts for a great part of the history of Italian cuisine. 

A unique experience, which you should make at least once in life, is cooking classes with expert local hosts, to learn authentic recipes on a hands-on experience.

Finest seafood, mild weather & great hospitality in luxury Masserias and resorts: the right cocktail for a genuine Italian journey.


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